What's Safe For Your Dog This Christmas?

Authored by Hunter Garrod | Pet Sleep Specalist

Planning to whip up the perfect festive dinner for your furry friend? We have curated the ultimate Christmas dinner menu, packed with delicious and safe treats to spoil them this holiday season.

Before letting your dog tuck into their Christmas feast, we’re dishing up what’s safe (and what’s not-so-safe) to ensure your pet stays happy this holiday season.




1. Cranberry Sauce

Homemade cranberry sauce is the perfect touch to make your dog’s festive dinner that extra special- full of vitamins A, B1, B2 and C, cranberries are packed with antioxidants to keep your dog’s tail wagging this Christmas.


2. Potatoes 

Mash them up or boil them to keep them safe to eat for your pup. However, try not to go overboard as the starch can be too much to process for our furry friends!


3. Carrots

The ultimate side dish for this year’s Christmas dinner! Not only are carrots a mouth-watering snack for your pup, they are also loaded with vitamins, potassium and fibre and can even be great for your dog's dental health. They help remove plaque from teeth and keep their breath fresh.


4. Turkey Meat (no skin or bones) 

Your pup is invited to the main event! Lean turkey meat without the skin and bones is the perfect meal. We recommend avoiding serving this up with the skin and bones as these extras are highly fatty and can cause internal damage. Plus, it's a win-win… extra trimmings for you!




1. Christmas Pudding

Keep Christmas pudding as a wish, not a dish! This dessert is packed with harmful toxins including raisins and nuts, which could cause side effects for dogs such as neurological damage or seizures.


2. Mince Pies

These small festive treats are definitely on the naughty list for our pets. Packed with raisins and other harmful toxins- the mince pies are better off left at the fireplace to keep our pet’s safe this Christmas!


3. Stuffing

As flavourful as these may be, stuffing contains onions, spices and herbs which are a big no-go for dogs! Onions can cause damage to red blood cells which could result in anaemia, whilst spices and herbs can cause an upset stomach. After all, we wouldn’t want Christmas dinner to turn into a ‘ruff’ situation!


4. Chocolate

As humans, it’s necessary to indulge in chocolatey delights over the holiday season- however it is essential to keep these treats out of reach for our pets at home!

Chocolate is highly poisonous for dogs and can even be fatal. It contains a harmful chemical called Theobromine, which when consumed by our pets, can cause some serious trouble - including reactions such as convulsions and heart problems.


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