Brooklyn® Memory Foam Bed

Brooklyn® Memory Foam Bed
Brooklyn® Memory Foam Bed
Brooklyn® Memory Foam Bed
Brooklyn® Memory Foam Bed
Brooklyn® Memory Foam Bed
Brooklyn® Memory Foam Bed
Brooklyn® Memory Foam Bed
Brooklyn® Memory Foam Bed

Brooklyn® Memory Foam Bed

Regular price $227.99 Sale price $147.99
  • Removable Cover (Easy Washing)
  • Orthopedic Memory Foam
  • 30-Day Returns

"This bed is insane! I get home from work, and no amount of stomping will wake up my dog"

- Sylvia


Dreamlike Softness

Washing Machine Safe

"Honestly, if I could rate it higher than a 10, I would!"

- Alvin


Rest Easy

Frequently Asked Questions

No worries at all. It happens to the best of us. Contact our customer care team once your order arrives and we can help exchange it the size.

Just remember to not let your dog use the bed, as used beds cannot be exchanged. You'll be able to get a good feel for the size once the bed is opened up.

Yes, most definitely. Making it super easy to wash and care for.

We've also included removable waterproof liner, to stop any accidents from happening.

Our exterior faux fur is made of high-quality polyester, while the interior includes a waterproof lining. The bed filling is a thick 50% Memory Foam, 50% Orthopedic Foam base, for ultimate (but breathable) comfort.

We only use the finest of materials when engineering this top-of-the-line bed.

The Brooklyn exterior is made of high-quality polyester faux fur for total softness.

The interior includes a waterproof lining, and memory foam base, for sleep like no other. The base is made of 50% Rebound Memory Foam and 50% Orthopedic Foam for a breathable, yet deluxe experience.

Memory Foam by nature can be quite hot and sticky, so we use 50% Memory Foam, and 50% Orthopedic foam to create a light and breathable experience for your dog.

No stinky hot summer nights on this bed, it's perfect year round.

Most definitely - we use our world famous plus faux-fur, to mimic thier mothers. Creating a sense of zen, while the memory foam will gently support their joints at all levels.

We've shipped thousands of orders across Singapore, Malaysia Japan and Hong Kong

Typical delivery after dispatch is:

Singapore: 5-12 days
Malaysia: 5-12 days
Hong Kong: 2-5 days
Japan: 3-5 days

We invest more in our shipping than any of our competitors, for swift delivery. Meaning you will get your bed sooner.

No, definitely not. We cover all shipping costs associated with your order.

Most definintely - although we really believe your dog will love this bed, we do offer 30-day returns.

The only thing we ask, as per our returns policy, is that you do not let your dog use the bed before deciding whether to keep or return the parcel. This is due to hygiene and the inability to send a used returned bed to another dog (especially considering their sensitive noses). Sound fair?

We recommend taking some time to measure your dog to pick their size accurately. We know it can be tricky unless you're the local dog whisperer, but give our size recommender a go for a but of help if measuring becomes too tricky.

Not at all - our beds are made breathable, so cozy when it's cold and comfortable when it's hot.